The Train More Play Less Philosophy is derived from the idea of creating a firm foundation for our players to be able to succeed 3, 5, 10+ years down the road. Building these young humans starts with a sustainable foundation that they can use to propel success in all aspect of their life. Our Coaching Staff strives to find their weaknesses and strengths, and work to turn the weaknesses into strengths as well as strengths into traits of excellence.

We are not reinventing anything and the process is not mind-blowing; yet, we simply have taken a top-down approach in which we will mimic the yearly sports cycle of the top colleges and high school programs throughout our nation. These programs do not play 100+ games a year, they do not throw the same pitcher every day for three days during a long weekend tournament… these programs train intently and intensely in the off-season and they follow protocol to ensure their player is protected from frivolous injury. These programs have a player first mindset, We have a player first mindset!